November 6, 2020: Lo Mein

Friday night Chinese extravaganza: house made lo mein with NC shrimp, scallops, veggies & local peppadew peppers stuffed with NC flounder! Oh my gosh is this election over yet?? Can it be over?? By Monday at least? Or by Thanksgiving?? Pretty please?




November 4, 2020: what’s up

This 91-pound pumpkin, so kindly donated to our Durham Free Lunch Initiative by Meadow Lane Farm, represents the US electorate. The seeds are unaffiliated voters and the skin represents mail-in ballots. Follow me so far? Good. Once it is chopped up, roasted, and made into soup, and that soup is consumed and excreted, we will have a full understanding of who won Michigan and why neither party can offer anything to the American people beyond pointless platitudes and dull propaganda.


Good. Let’s begin.


November 2, 2020: local veggie plate

Local veggie plate: with Parmesan risotto cake, white bean ragu, roasted pepper salad, roasted white sweet potato, and radicchio salad