We all love the convenience of delivery services, especially during a pandemic. However companies like Door Dash, Uber Eats and Postmates are joist exploiting our already broken economy for their own benefit. They charge exorbitant rates, automate or off-shore as much work as they can.  Once you factor in the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance, their drivers aren’t paid much at all. And they are virulently anti-union and will do whatever they feel they can get away with to avoid accountability or to stifle union organizing. When they “partner” with restaurants their fees for promoting and delivering for the restaurants are often so costly that the loses money with every transaction. 

So: We will not be accepting any orders from Door Dash/Postmates/Uber Eats at this time. We hope to start our own in-house delivery at some point, at least for the busier times. But for now, you’ll need to use our online ordering platform and roll yourself on down here to get it.