December 10, 2020: Fresh pasta

The difference in texture and flavor between regular old dry spaghetti and freshly made spaghetti is like the difference between a frozen, dried-up mammoth carcass you dug out of the melting Siberian tundra and a freshly cloned live wooly mammoth rampaging through the secret corporate lab that created it. There’s simply no comparison.

Tonight we’re serving our fresh, house-made spaghetti with a plate of cheesy, marinara-y chicken Parmesan. Some of you may remember this dish from the Boot restaurant, although like all memories of the Before-fore Times, it seems more like a beautiful hallucination, doesn’t it?

house-made spaghetti



December 9, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, may we not-so-humbly present: the best food you can get in Durham right now.

A Szechuan fried chicken sandwich on a homemade steamed bun with purple Napa cabbage, carrot, marinated cucumber, sesame seeds, scallions & srirachanaise.


Szechuan fried chicken sandwich


December 4, 2020

All of our employees have tested negative for COVID-19 and we’re set to reopen today, Friday December 4th. Thank you all for your support during this insane time, and we look forward to seeing you soon.