You may notice that our prices have gone up. This is for a variety of reasons: we buy high quality ingredients to make our food with, and the cost of these has risen over the years; Now that we’re takeout only, we have to send out a to-go box and a bag, and often plastic forks etc. with every order; We can no longer pad our bottom line with a healthy mark-up on beer, wine & liquor, so each item has to reflect its real cost. But the main reason is that the our employees are out here working during a pandemic that could sicken or kill anyone who gets it, and they deserve to be paid more for that. We no longer have happy, tipping diners that can subsidize the waitstaff pay with their tips. The people who take your order and bring it out to you need to be paid a living wage straight from the proceeds of the food we sell. So prices must be higher.

We do ask that you still tip on top of the cost of your food. We’re starting this reopening by paying everyone $13 per hour base pay, and then splitting the tips evenly among everyone based on hours worked- everyone gets paid the same: cooks, order takers, dishwashers, servers. If everyone would tip the recommended 20%, all of us at Geer Street Garden can live healthy, secure lives.