January 19, 2021 – seafood linguine

Here we have the freshest, tastiest seafood dish available in Durham right now. Fresh linguine made by hand, by expert pasta maker guy Jingles Di’Bungliero. Cooked to perfection in water blessed by Pope Urban VI in 1385 (there were 3 popes at that time, all claiming to be the REAL pope, so there’s only a 33% chance of this water conferring any divine blessings, but what are ya gonna do, right?). We toss this beautiful noodle with fresh NC shrimp, mahi-mahi, calamari, white wine, garlic & Italian parsley. You NEED this. Let it be part of your celebration of NO MORE TRUMP (only 24 hours are allowed for this). GIVE US YOUR MONNNEEEEEYYYYY


January 7, 2021

You know that this is only going to get worse until you get off your ass and get organized, right? You understand that.

And you know that society is literally falling apart because money is the only organizing principle at work in our society, right? You understand that, I know you do.

And you realize that you can’t post your way out of this mess, right? You understand that Facebook and Twitter & even my glorious posting is just a distraction from the reality work that needs to be done. The work of organizing ourselves into some kind of strength that can oppose the mass-suicidal money power that controls everything in your life. You understand this, I know you do.

So stop looking at this picture of a roasted chicken with potato gratin, green beans & red wine jus (looks delicious doesn’t it?) and get to work- either organizing or letting yourself BE organized. The Poor People’s Campaign needs you. The Sunrise Movement needs you.

The Democrats aren’t going to fix this, there’s no manager you can complain to. There’s just power operating baldly and openly to wreck your climate, impoverish your family and destroy our country so that it can stay rich. And that Power only respects power- it’s not going to change because it would be nice. But you understand this, don’t you?




January 5, 2021

These little beauties are called tortellini. They’re fresh pasta bundles filled with local, pasture raised pork, Parmesan & ricotta cheeses and a secret ingredient. (Oh heck with it- it’s nutmeg!)


We’re serving them in a rich & creamy bolognese sauce, warming & satisfying & perfect for the darkness & cold of winter.



This is the White Light of The Void, the potential nothingness that was you before you were born and the empty fullness that you’ll be after you die. Once all that you consider to be you has been erased- including the tortellini you’re about to order, your first kiss, the memory of your mother’s smile-once all that has fallen away, this beautiful emptiness will be all you are. We captured this image with the interdimensional camera on the new iPhone.

December 28, 2020 – Collard Greens & Black-eyed Peas

According to the ancient magical folkways of this land, wealth and good fortune in a new year can be obtained by consuming collard greens & black-eyed peas, foods brought to these cursed shores by Capitalism’s greatest sin, the slave trade.

We’re not sure of the efficacy of such practices — a lot of things bring wealth and fortune, or poverty and misfortune — but considering the trajectory of the past year and the conditions we’re heading into, it might be worth a try.

You can trust the food shamans at Geer Street Garden to allow only good vibrations and honest-to-gosh wealth spirits into our food. So this week we’re offering quart containers of cooked collard greens & black-eyed peas to make sure your 2021 is immune to economic collapse, environmental devastation, alien mind control, shitty bosses, newly mutated coronavirus that turns the world into The Stand and vaccines that turn the world into 28 Days Later. To further ensure maximum magical potency, they are not vegetarian. They’re $8 per quart.

Call 919-688-2900 to reserve yours. They’ll be ready for pickup Thursday & Friday at the restaurant.


black eyed peas

December 22, 2020

Extra-special homemade tamales are the special this week! We used local, pasture-raised pork braised with jalapeño, tomatillos, onion & garlic to fill these babies. They come with refried black beans, a salad & avocado.


homemade tamales



December 17, 2020

Visit us on Facebook or Instagram and complete this limerick in the comments:


Hickory Dickory Dock

The beef cooked in the wok

The wok was hot….


Best entry gets a free meal.



December 10, 2020: Fresh pasta

The difference in texture and flavor between regular old dry spaghetti and freshly made spaghetti is like the difference between a frozen, dried-up mammoth carcass you dug out of the melting Siberian tundra and a freshly cloned live wooly mammoth rampaging through the secret corporate lab that created it. There’s simply no comparison.

Tonight we’re serving our fresh, house-made spaghetti with a plate of cheesy, marinara-y chicken Parmesan. Some of you may remember this dish from the Boot restaurant, although like all memories of the Before-fore Times, it seems more like a beautiful hallucination, doesn’t it?

house-made spaghetti



December 9, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, may we not-so-humbly present: the best food you can get in Durham right now.

A Szechuan fried chicken sandwich on a homemade steamed bun with purple Napa cabbage, carrot, marinated cucumber, sesame seeds, scallions & srirachanaise.


Szechuan fried chicken sandwich


December 4, 2020

All of our employees have tested negative for COVID-19 and we’re set to reopen today, Friday December 4th. Thank you all for your support during this insane time, and we look forward to seeing you soon.




We regret to report that today, Wednesday November 25, one of our staff tested positive for COVID-19. Both our Free Lunch program and our regular business are suspended for now.

This employee hasn’t worked since last week, but we will nevertheless be closed until our staff can complete a full round of testing. If you have any questions or concerns, please email geerstreetgarden@gmail.com.

We appreciate all your support during this very fraught period of time, and we look forward to seeing you when we return.

November 24, 2020

Tuesday night seafood special!

Seared NC Tilefish with roasted cauliflower & potato, sweet & sour raisins, and hollandaise sauce.



November 16, 2020

Remember food? Remember restaurants? Remember how we used to think nothing of going out in public to put food in our faces and ignore our rotten kids for 90 minutes? Remember? Remember when you used to start your servers tip at 15% in your head and then take points off for every tiny flub or perceived indignity? Remember when waiters treated you like a big man so consistently that you almost believed it for a second?


Tonight’s special is homemade ravioli filled with fresh local spinach, ricotta & Parmesan cheese, served with marinara & garlic bread. Come relive the glory days.



November 13, 2020: Tortellini

Delicious homemade pasta this weekend. This here is a chicken & ricotta filled tortellini with mushrooms, cream & Parmesan. Oooohh.



November 10, 2020: Arancini

Tuesday & Wednesday special: Butternut squash & ricotta arancini with local frisée & walnut salad. Weather is nice, come eat it outside before things turn rainy!



November 4, 2020: what’s up

This 91-pound pumpkin, so kindly donated to our Durham Free Lunch Initiative by Meadow Lane Farm, represents the US electorate. The seeds are unaffiliated voters and the skin represents mail-in ballots. Follow me so far? Good. Once it is chopped up, roasted, and made into soup, and that soup is consumed and excreted, we will have a full understanding of who won Michigan and why neither party can offer anything to the American people beyond pointless platitudes and dull propaganda.


Good. Let’s begin.